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How To Get Tinie Tempah’s Style

The English are renowned for having their own unique sense of style that often transcends the very craft they were once known for. Tinie Tempah is a fine example of this archetype.

Tempah began life as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He continues to haul in the awards across the musical landscape but beyond this realm, Tempah is also a style icon in Europe. In 2015 he was chosen as the new ambassador for the London Menswear Collection and counts his friends as David Gandy and Lewis Hamilton.

Today we’re showing you how to score this modern gent’s style.

Breaking It Down

tinie tempah fashion

Tinie Tempah is a formidable force when it comes to mixing classic looks with a modern street aesthetic.


His most notable styles offer a blend of refinement in cut but also a hint of his creative roots through the use of bold patterns, colours and classic white sneakers. He’s not as experimental as Pharrell Williams, but this approach works for Tempah as the British often excel in the understated dress category.

In showing you how to get Tinie Tempah’s style, there are three distinct looks that the artist goes for. The formal wear, the suit mixed with a tee and the street musician. All three looks can be easily pulled off with the right approach.

Let’s take a closer look.

Suit Slayer

tinie tempah suit

In formal guise, Tempah relies heavily on classic silhouettes blended with modern trends such as loafers or derbies without socks. Light coloured linen paired with tasseled loafers make for a warm ensemble which is perfect for the Summer look. Remember to hang the linen suits up to avoid excessive creasing.

Moving to the cocktail look, Tempah matches a velvet jacket with traditional black trousers and ultra polished slip-ons to channel true playboy style. The sunglasses also help to pull off this look though be sure to take them off as the sun resides.

Finally, we have the classic British Tinie Tempah style in a three-piece pearl suit balanced perfectly with olive trousers and luxe slip-ons. It’s an effortless regal look which any man can pull off given he has the right pieces to mix and match.

Suit & Shirt

tinie tempah fashion

Tempah is the most confident in this style category and he easily makes it his own. It’s a paired down semi-formal look which Tempah plays around with using different textures, patterns and sneakers.

The shirt can be a variation of the scoop neck which must always colour block against the suit. As in, blue suit, white shirt, light suit, dark shirt and so on. This is an extremely easy outfit to pull off for men with any existing suit. You don’t even need to have the blazer and trousers matching. Mix and match the individual pieces until you get the right look.

When in doubt, go for fresh white kicks. This is definitely one way to dress up white sneakers.

Tempah Trap

tinie tempah style

Moving up the high fashion ranks doesn’t mean you forget your roots a streetwear force. Tempah loves to show off his street style wares when he finds a chance. When he does, it’s often an eclectic clash of colours, patterns and paired-down cool.

Coats carry the most weight in this Tinie Tempah style and there’s a few to choose from. At the designer end, Tempah goes for intricately cut garments with graffiti artist print, slim black joggers and white sneakers. It’s a winning look made for the rising musician.

Along the way, you’ll also find Tempah rocking various shades of denim paired with cool military jackets and coats. Again, take note of the smart use of colour blocking to give the outfit the pop it requires.

In the shoe department, go for old school Nikes or leather boots with coloured laces. Any of these will work a treat for the popular Tempah look.

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