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Australian Uni Students Are Signing Up For Prospective Sugar Mummies & Daddies


More and more Victorian university students stung by HECS debt, rent and bills are signing up to a website that connects ‘Sugar Babies’ with ‘Sugar Mummies and Daddies.’

Over 100 university hopefuls have apparently signed up to for “Mutually Beneficial Relationships”, or in other words, an arrangement with successful men and women who will help pay for study costs and shower them with gifts.

According to the website, sugar babies are “attractive people looking for the finer things in life”, while sugar mummies and daddies are “successful men and women who know what they want.”

Spokeswoman Brooke Urick attributes rising uni fees, housing and lifestyle costs to the popularity of SeekingArrangement, and said that the site has helped students support themselves, or even gain employment and internships from those they’ve met online. LinkedIn eat your heart out.

One sugar baby met a daddy via SeekingArrangement who took her out for lavish meals and ended up paying for her uni textbooks which often cost between $100-$400 a pop. But it’s not just for young women either. Apparently 5% of potential sugar babies are male and some identified as LGBT.

While the arrangements don’t have to be of a sexual nature, they can be. It all begs the question, why are uni students struggling so much that they need to resort to a potentially sexual sugar baby status, and where is the support?


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