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See The Incredible Winners Of The 2016 World Press Photo Contest

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1 of 15|WINNER: Hope For A New Life|Warren Richardson
2 of 15|Whale Whispers|Anuar Patjane Floriuk
3 of 15|The Gris-gris Wrestlers of Senegal|Christian Bobst
4 of 15|Chameleon Under Pressure|Christian Ziegler
5 of 15|La Maya Tradition|Daniel Ochoa de Olza
6 of 15|In The Same Boat|Francesco Zizola
7 of 15|John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune
8 of 15|Neptun Synchro|Jonas Lindkvist
9 of 15|Bliss Dharma Assembly|Kevin Frayer
10 of 15|Kevin Frayer
11 of 15|Waiting To Register|Matic Zorman
12 of 15|Amazon's Munduruku Tribe|Mauricio Lima
13 of 15|Storm Front On Bondi Beach|Rohan Kelly
14 of 15|Sergio Velasco
15 of 15|Tough Times For Orangutans|Tim Laman

Another photography contest, another collection of images to inspire shock and awe. The winners of the 2016 World Press Photo contest have been announced and there’s no shortage of beauty and creativity in the results.

The winning image, ‘Hope for a New Life’ was captured by Australian photographer Warren Richardson and depicts a harrowing moment on the Hungarian-Serbian border as a man passes a baby through barbed wire. Richardson camped with a group of 200 people attempting to cross the border for almost a week to capture the moment.

The other finalists featured in the slideshow above were selected from 82,951 photos made by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries. Check out World Press Photo Contest for the entire gallery of winners.

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