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Men Are Now Shopping More Like Women (Except For One Key Thing)

Crazy, Stupid, Love.We’ve all seen the pictures of desperately bored men shopping with their girlfriends. Entire blogs and Instagram accounts have been created to capture the phenomenon. But according to analysts interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, men are now shopping more like women do.

These days, the lads are more likely than ever to browse, make impulse purchases, and experiment with trends. They’re willing to try new brands. They follow blogs and websites for style ideas. According to marketing agency Ogilvy, 94 percent of American men consider their personal style to be “defined.” We’re smack-dab in the centre of a new era in men’s shopping trends.

“This new behavior marks a big change in how men shop,” writes The Wall Street Journal, “making this an important moment in men’s fashion.”


But there’s one key way in which the gents aren’t equal to the ladies. According to a survey by the Ogilvy-owned PR firm The Boutique, men spend more per month on clothing than women. Adult men in America drop around US$85 per month on their wardrobes, while women spend an average of US$75. Because there are fewer menswear brands, and because men’s clothing often costs more to make, guys are stuck paying higher prices.

On the plus side, the surge in male shopping could mean those figures start to drop. More and more designers are getting in on the menswear game – which, as even someone who snoozed their way through a business class would know, means more competitors in the market and lower prices as a result. Maybe one day pictures of bored women shopping with their boyfriends will be viral material.


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