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Meet The World’s Most Unique Looking Male Models

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1 of 10|Naleye Junior
2 of 10|Quim Gutierrez
3 of 10|Cooper Thompson
4 of 10|Vin Los
5 of 10|Simonas Pham
6 of 10|Souffrant Ralph
7 of 10|Casey Legler
8 of 10|Zombie Boy
9 of 10|Shaun Ross
10 of 10|Barrett Paul

Gone are the days of the chiseled jaws, washboard abs, blonde hair and blue eyes that once dominated our billboard advertisements and fashion week runways.

These days, individuality and peculiarity is praised and even prized in the modelling world. A new generation of exotic, unique and one-of-a-kind models have burst into the fashion world and are storming catwalks and major fashion campaigns worldwide, defined by their breaking down of traditional ‘beauty’ barriers and presenting a more relatable image to the public.

From the striking freckles of Naleye Jr, Souffrant Ralph and Simonas Pham, to the gender-defying looks of Casey Legler and Cooper Thompson and the statement-making tattoos of Vin Los and Zombie Boy, click through our slideshow of the world’s most unique looking male models and prepare to amazed and inspired.

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