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You Can Rent A Private Island On Airbnb For Less Than A Night In A Hotel

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You gotta have the big bucks to holiday on a private island, right? Wrong. Although you may not be able to own one, like Leonardo DiCaprio does, you can rent the tropical isle of your dreams on Airbnb – and it’ll cost you less than some hotels.

Bird Island, located just 20 minutes away from the village of Placencia in Belize, is a Robinson Crusoe fantasy come true. The family-run Airbnb offers crystal-clear waters, a coral reef that’s ripe for snorkeling, near-perfect weather and nearby islands that are begging to be explored. Up to six guests can stay on the island, which you’ll have all to yourself, in a main house and a separate cabana.

Amenities include a local phone and wi-fi, an extensive movie collection, a barbecue and fire pit, a sundeck, a well-stocked kitchen, fishing equipment, two kayaks and a paddleboat. Your transportation to and from Placencia is even included in the cost.

And what is that cost, exactly? Your island fantasy can become reality for just US$350 a night. That’s way less than you’d pay for a luxury hotel room, and you won’t have to sleep with the sounds of strangers shacking up next door. Book Bird Island here.

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