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Airbnb Are Offering An Underwater Night In With The Sharks

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Airbnb have had a pretty solid track record for offering up crazy stays in the most obscure locations. From a dangling room above the alps to a luxury treehouse in the bush, it seemed that the accommodation company could top no more when it came to unique locations.

The naysayers were wrong. Airbnb have just kicked off a competition for a two night stay in an underwater room surrounded by grown sharks. The hot new room is located at L’Aquarium de Paris which is a submerged room with 360 degree views of the shark aquarium.

The only thing stopping them from getting to you? A thick piece of glass. The cool marketing stunt will also have world record free diver Fred Buyle as your personal underwater photographer and friendly shark whisperer. There’s also a marine biologist on board if you decide to get inquisitive about the local wildlife.

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Airbnb have laid down some ground rules to keep the lucky patrons safe. They mainly include tongue-in-cheek rules like don’t watch JAWS beforehand, no sleep walking, no night swimming or diving. We’d probably add don’t tap on the glass to that. Oh and no funny business after hours. Unless sharks watching you have sex is your kind of thing.

The Airbnb competition can now be entered here.

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