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Incredible Aerial Travel Footage Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags ASAP

Click play and prepare to have your wanderlust skyrocket. This digital world tour, shot by drone in breathtaking 4K resolution, might be the most inspiring travel video of 2016 so far.

Christian Grewe is the visionary behind the 6-minute film, called “AIRtime.” Grewe combined footage from several trips – one around the world, one to South Asia, and a handful of short jaunts around Europe – over seven months to create the stunning travel log. In all, his journey took him through 12 countries and 80,000 km.

The full list of destinations includes:

Hamburg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Neuschwanstein, Germany
Rothenburg, Germany
Lüneburger Heide, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lake Garda, Italy
Crete, Greece
Maui, USA
Vancouver, Canada
Hong Kong
Tokyo, Japan
Dubai, UAE
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Chaungtha & Bagan, Myanmar
Cape Town, South Africa
Table Mountain & Lions Head, South Africa

The ultra-HD clip is exquisite. Grewe’s camera soars over dense forests, sun-drenched city skylines, desert landscapes, churning coastal waters, precipitous cliffs, and more of the globe’s most majestic scenery. It’s a remarkable feat, and a perfect 6-minute escape from reality. Just be prepared for the comedown when you realise you’re still behind a screen.



The playbook for the modern man

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