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An Actual Aladdin Rode A Magic Carpet Around San Francisco

In a state known (affectionately or derogatorily, depending on your perspective) as the land of fruits and nuts, almost anything can happen and go by unnoticed. Especially in San Francisco, where crazed antics are the order of the day. But every once in a while, something so spectacular happens that even Californians have to pay attention – like an IRL Aladdin riding a magic carpet with Jasmine on his back.

The stunt comes courtesy of PrankvsPrank, a YouTube channel that does exactly what’s expected from a name like that. In the clip, Aladdin cruises around SF on his trusty purple carpet until he gets a text from the princess saying her dad’s not home and it’s on.

So it’s a little different from the Disney plot. Who cares? The clip features gorgeous footage of San Francisco’s landmarks, including some fantastic drone shots. It’s also delightful to watch packs of tourists – and even locals – lose it when they see Aladdin and Jas coast by.

And did we mention Aladdin is wearing YEEZY Boost 350s? Because if you’ve got a magic lamp and a genie, you might as well wish for some of the most coveted sneakers around.

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