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Scandinavian Monochrome Perfectly Executed By Alexander White

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When you think monochrome living you often think minimalist, elegant, clean lines and…boring. This is not the case for this particular Scandinavian apartment finished by designer Alexander White.

Located in Stockholm in Sweden, you’ll find a space which exudes character through wall art, furniture and greenery. And in true Scandinavian style, even the hanging lights are a work of art.

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The extensive use of white through the space is rarely sterile and beautifully complements the natural lighting. Step inside the bedroom and this same winning formula continues. Plants, picture frames and bedding all make for a mighty fine slumber retreat which is neither too feminine or too masculine. Again, the plants have been used to break up the monotony of the monochrome and provides that perfect balance of nature and art.

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For the full effect, window-length charcoal curtains have been thrown in to give the place a much more cohesive look rather than an exhibition space look.

What else can we say. This Alexander White apartment is simply IKEA done right. Minus the $1 hot dogs.

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