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Alfa Romeo AW30: The Faster You Drive, The More Fuel You Get

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It’s probably the worst way to ever spruik driver safety, but easily the coolest in terms of endorsing new technology.

Transportation designer Olcay Tuncay has dreamt up one of the wildest Alfa Romeos to ever be rendered. The F1-inspired car works by utilising the lost energy from aerodynamic drag, that is, the wind that hits the car as it moves through the air.

Theoretically, the Alfa Romeo AW30 will be started with a solar-powered battery. Once ignition is achieved the wind power begins to take over as the car in motion channels air through turbines to generate its power. Think of turbines at dams whci create electricity and you’re on the right track. Tuncay claims that power from this next generation wind-powered vehicle can reach 284hp in theory.

It’s a bit far fetched as real world engineers would need to account for losses across the entire system and probably deem the car as not fit for production. If anything the design still looks pretty cool.

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