Batman Vs. Superman's Bruce Wayne Will Be Decked Out In Gucci


The release of ‘Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ in cinemas this week is set to please DC Comic fans all over the world, as well as fashion lovers, with news that Ben Affleck’s character Bruce Wayne will be decked out from head-to-toe in Gucci.

The Italian fashion house has collaborated with the film’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson on a wardrobe of suits, shirts, coats, leather jackets, silk accessories, footwear, belts and sunglasses for Ben Affleck in the role of Gotham city billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Gucci has also worked on cuff links, collar and tie bars personalised with Wayne’s initials for the character’s wardrobe. The fashion house previously worked with Michael Wilkinson on the wardrobe for ‘American Hustle’. Fingers crossed they had nothing to do with Bradley Cooper‘s tight perm…

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