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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [12.03.16]

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1 of 8|Jason Statham|Statham is your everyday action star. When he's not driving fast cars he's working out and showing us the wilder side of life. There's even the occasional cameo by other iconic action stars on his feed. Need we say more? Of course we do. FYI: Statham is 48-years-old. - LINK
2 of 8|Jared Leto|The band frontman turned rock star turned actor has an eclectic life filled with the funniest moments. Want to see Leto at the Oscars? Done. Want to see Leto eating a sub? Done. There's also a lot of gig photos and his latest looks from his upcoming films. - LINK
3 of 8|Neymar Jr|Go behind the scenes of the world's most beautiful game. Neymar shows us his world which often involves himself, Messi and Suarez. He also keeps it real with family and fans thrown in. - LINK
4 of 8|Adam Levine|The pop rocker is another man with an intriguing life who loves to show off his latest ink. When it's not that it's Levine pulling faces, on aeroplanes or just hanging with his VS supermodel girlfriend. - LINK
5 of 8|Ruby Rose|The Aussie turned Hollywood star is currently starring alongside Vin Diesel for the XXX sequel. The bonding seems to be coming along swimmingly. Follow Rose on her fighting adventures and coolest Hollywood haunts alongside her dog. - LINK
6 of 8|Aziz Ansari|The comedian who counts his friends as Amy Schumer and Chris Pratt is one cool cat. Follow Ansari on his global tour around the world doing his standup shows and picking up randomly awesome people along the way for selfies. You can also see what Aziz is eating. - LINK
7 of 8|Cuba Gooding Jr|The O.J star just joined Instagram and he's already getting the hang of things, posting from the Oscars and alongside his star-studded buddies. Follow Cuba if you want to see what else this award-winning actor gets up to off screen. - LINK
8 of 8|Olivia Munn|She's the newest member to join the X-Men fraternity as Psylocke and she also has an awesome sword fight scene with Ryan Reynolds on her Instagram. Enough said. - LINK

The need to stalk your favourite celebrities never came so easily. Each week we pick out eight of the world’s coolest celebrities doing things that you need to see. It’s as simple as that. We’ve got sports people, actors, singers, actor-singers and comedians for good measure.

This week we go from Jason Statham working out to Jared Leto pigging out to chilling with the lovely Olivia Munn, this is all you need to kick start your weekend of FOMO.

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