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8 Cool Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week [26.03.16]

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1 of 8|The Rock|The new revamped Baywatch film is running full steam ahead and besides the recent muscle man competitions we’ve seen between The Rock and Zac Efron on Instagram, something else special happened on set. David Hassellhoff, the creator of the iconic life saving TV series will be making an appearance on the new Baywatch film. Cue opening theme song and slo-mo. Keep up with The Rock and Efron on Instagram to see what other surprises are in store for fans. - LINK
2 of 8|Chris Pratt|Chris Pratt is the unlikely superhero that no one asked for but subsequently became one anyway. And he’s done a fine job of it. In this shot Pratt is in an altercation with a fellow diner who happens to be a Trump supporter. Just kidding. That’s Pratt’s brother putting him in a sleeper hold and this is just another day at the Pratt household. Notice other family members just watching on casually. Follow Pratt on Instagram for more of this harmless fun. - LINK
3 of 8|John Boyega|John Boyega is the new addition to the Star Wars franchise and he’s doing a fine job with his newfound fame outside of the studios. Visiting sick children, going to awards shows, shopping for Star Wars toys, training and chatting to Leo, nothing’s off limits for Boyega. - LINK
4 of 8|James Corden|Talk show host James Corden is the funny cherub friend we wished we all had. He doesn’t need anymore though since he counts Ryan Reynolds, JLO and more as his own. Keep up with Corden on Instagram to see who he’s interviewing and what silly things they get up to in the name of humour. - LINK
5 of 8|Tom Holland|Tom Holland is the new kid on the block. Literally. He’s the new kid playing Spiderman in the upcoming Civil War film alongside Iron Man and Captain America. There’s not much on set Spiderman action yet as it’s still under wraps but it’s only a matter of time. For now you can follow Holland to see his Spiderman training which involves gymnastics. - LINK
6 of 8|Judd Apatow|Judd Apatow makes awesome movies and shows. When he’s not doing that he’s rubbing shoulders with those who owe their career to him. Hanging out with Cara Delevigne, that’s just another day at work. See what Apatow is up to and who he’s casted for the next big thing via his Instagram. - LINK
7 of 8|Mark Wahlberg|Marky Mark has joined the ranks of Instagram and he’s one of the coolest dads doing it right. Golfing, fan selfies, basketball and motorbikes all make up this former bad boy rapper’s feed. Good vibrations all round. - LINK
8 of 8|Calvin Harris|Calvin Harris needs to introduction. He’s the world’s highest paid DJ dating the world’s highest paid pop star, Taylor Swift. When they’re not sharing corny holiday photos of each other, Harris is on the main stage doing his thing. That thing involves thousands of people. Follow Harris as he journeys through a life of parties, riches and trophy girlfriends. - LINK

It’s time to wrap up your week with some quality celebrity time. It’s Instagram stalking at its finest as we bring you the coolest things your favourite actors, musicians, sports people and familiar faces are up to.

This week we catch up with The Rock as he teams up with the Godfather of Baywatch, David Hassellhoff himself, for the new Baywatch film. Star Wars’ John Boyega also makes an appearance as does the latest Spiderman youngster known as Tom Holland.

Oh and there’s also Chris Pratt getting choked out at dinner. Uber cool.


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