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What A Business Suit Looks Like After 20,000 KM Of World Travel

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1 of 9|Sydney
2 of 9|Kuala Lumpur
3 of 9|Bangkok
4 of 9|Dubai
5 of 9|Mid-Flight
6 of 9|London
7 of 9|Rome
8 of 9|Harwich
9 of 9|Amsterdam

It’s the modern businessman’s dilemma: a long haul flight followed by an 8am meeting with nothing but jetlag and a seriously crumpled suit. With research showing that Australian men are travelling up to 10 hours longer for work trips than any other nation, it’s no surprise that we’re struggling to take our sharp looks from the airport to the boardroom with ease.

That’s why, in partnership with The Woolmark Company, M.J. Bale have put its most durable suit through the ultimate torture test to see if it will meet the demands of the typical Aussie business traveller. M.J. Bale’s unsuspecting model travelled more than 20,000km over 5 days throughout 9 countries and cities including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Rome, Naples, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Harwich on planes, trains, tuk-tuks, bikes and an overnight ferry. All with no sleep.

While he was left broken and bleary-eyed, M.J. Bale’s intrepid model looked as sharp in his suit as he did on day one. Staying unruffled (and uncrumpled) is more important than ever, with M.J. Bale’s research finding that 75% of Australians believe looking impeccable for business is crucial and 66% travelling with multiple suits to avoid looking unkempt.

“Our range of suits are constructed with 100% Australian Merino Wool, so men can stay immaculate from cabin to boardroom,” says Founder and CEO Matt Jensen. Due to the ‘memory’ in the microns of the wool used in M.J. Bale suiting, no matter how hard a gent wears it, whether it’s crushed, stretched, cramped, packed, slept in or walked in, the wool will also help it look and fit perfectly.

Follow M.J. Bale’s Unsuitable Journey in the slideshow above and video below.




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