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Watch Celebrities Read Hilarious Kanye Tweets At The Oscars

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Kanye ‘Humble’ West’s Tweets as of late, stop what you’re doing immediately and go indulge yourself. Or, just check out Vanity Fair‘s video of celebrities on the Oscars red carpet reciting them on behalf of the rapper.

J.J. Abrams goes for a rather intense portrayal of Mr. West, while Conan O’Brien discusses the intricacies of salmon cooking, and comedienne Mindy Kaling reveals that “fur pillows are actually really hard to sleep on.” Even babe of the year Emily Ratajkowski gives it her best shot. The award for most convincing Kanye has to go to none other than ‘Arrested Development’ funny man Will Arnett who speculates, “I think Twitter was designed specifically with me in mind.”

Big shout out to Kanye West for providing us with endless entertainment in the Twittersphere and beyond.

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