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10 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Become Magnificent Bastards

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1 of 10|Daniel Radcliffe|Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way since his round glasses-wearing Harry Potter days. The now 26-year-old began his role as Harry Potter 15 years ago in 2001 and has since blossomed into a bonafide film star and style icon.
2 of 10|Joseph-Gordon Levitt|35-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitt is perhaps best known for his roles in 500 Days of Summer, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper and most recently The Walk. However, JGL got his start as a child actor in films like Beethoven and 10 Things I Hate About You.
3 of 10|Kelly Slater|American professional surfer Kelly Slater has been crowned World Surf League Champion a record 11 times, including 5 consecutive titles in 1994-1998. But before he was winning gold, Slater was a surfing grommet and later played Jimmy Slade on 27 episodes of the popular TV show Baywatch.
4 of 10|Ryan Gosling|Ryan Gosling wasn't always the heartthrob your girlfriend won't stop talking about. The 35-year-old was a child actor, singer and dancer as part of Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club alongside Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. He also appeared in TV shows like Are You Afraid Of The Dark and Goosebumps.
5 of 10|Matthew Lewis|Matthew Lewis is the perfect example of how puberty can do wonders. The 26-year-old actor played awkward pre-teen Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter franchise and now continues his acting career on stage in various productions.
6 of 10|Nicholas Hoult|How does one go from awkward kid to Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend? Just ask Nicholas Hoult. The now 26-year-old once starred as a kid in the 2002 British drama About A Boy, and now boasts roles in major Hollywood films like X Men and Mad Max: Fury Road.
7 of 10|Josh Peck|Josh Peck was once the loveable kid from the Nickelodeon live-action sitcom Drake & Josh. Now at 29 years old, the actor has shed a few pounds and is well on his way to Magnificent Bastardom with roles like the voice of Eddie in Ice Age.
8 of 10|Hanson|Did you know that last week marked the 20th anniversary of Hanson's pop hit 'MMMBop'? Yeah, you're old...and so is Hanson. Isaac, Taylor and Zac, who began their musical careers in the early 90's, are now 35, 33 and 30 and are still making music.
9 of 10|Aaron Taylor-Johnson|English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson began acting at age six on stage and in TV shows like Talk to Me and Nearly Famous. The now 25-year-old is the definition of a Magnificent Bastard with highly coveted personal style and roles in films like Avengers, Captain America, Kick Ass and Godzilla.
10 of 10|Zac Efron|If you haven't seen Zac Efron since his High School Musical days, then prepare for a rude awakening. The 28-year-old had his breakthrough role in High School Musical and has since established himself as not only every woman's celebrity crush, but an award-winning actor in comedies like Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa. Efron will also appear in the modern adaptation of Baywatch (hence the extreme abs).

Ah, puberty. It’s a wonderful thing. It turns pimples into dimples, high pitched teste pops into deep velvety pipes, awkwardness into confidence and most importantly, it takes you from boy to man.

Even Hollywood’s heavy hitters have been through the ringer when comes to their ‘coming of age’. From Daniel Radcliffe‘s Harry Potter evolution, to Ryan Gosling‘s Mickey Mouse Club maturation and Zac Efron ditching his gap toothed grin for a set of washboard abs, here are the 10 child stars who grew up to become bonafide magnificent bastards.

A little reminder that there’s hope for us all.




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