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Airplanes Of The Future Could Nix Windows & Embrace Virtual Reality

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that flying is only marginally more fun than being disembowelled with a caviar spoon. Unless you’re splashing out on upper class tickets, you’re stuck with cramped seating, dismal food, and an entertainment system that might as well be a Walkman. Fortunately, some creative folks are hoping to change the future of flying with radical concept planes like this one.

According to a team from Airport Parking & Hotels and Imperial College London, within 40 years we could be flying in lightweight, low carbon emission crafts that feature larger cabins, spacious lounges, and virtual reality headsets.

From the outside, their futuristic aircraft wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi film. Thanks to its blended wing design, the fuselage is wider and shorter, and a tail wing is unnecessary. Six biofuel engines at the back of the body propel the craft. The larger wings and widened body mean up to 1,000 passengers could fit comfortably on board.

The most notable feature of the concept plane is its lack of windows. Instead, transparent LCD screens on the walls display the view outside, films, maps from the in-flight entertainment system, or relaxing scenes designed to help passengers fall asleep. Backseat monitors would also be a thing of the past, replaced with virtual reality headsets built into the seats.

For more takes on the future of flying, read up on Poppi, a Seattle design agency’s upstart airline idea.




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