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Someone Created An iPhone Case Which Can Take Photos Without You Noticing

We don’t condone taking photos of people or objects without one’s consent, but one designer in the United States has just made it dangerously easy for creepers to do exactly that.

COVR is an intuitive new iPhone 6 case which allows anyone to use a built in prism camera to take photos of their unsuspecting subjects. The snap-on case’s sliding mechanism is extremely easy to use and users simply need to point their phone at a subject for it to take a covert snap. Think of how you would normally hold the phone when you’re messaging and that’s what the COVR looks like when it’s taking photos.


Of course this new device opens a world of concern for the authorities with the potential for the device to fall into the hands of sexual predators and peeping Toms. Given that one Sydney woman just encountered an incident yesterday, it’s these kinds of devices which could be putting people’s privacy and safety at stake.

The COVR is currently on sale for US$50 but we’ve opted not to post the link. People will find it if they really want it. Harmless fun or a danger to society? You guys can decide.


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