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Designers Reimagine Central Park Surrounded By A ‘Horizontal Skyscraper’

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Vertical skyscrapers are so 2015. In 2016, it’s all about reflective horizontal dreamscapes – at least in the minds of Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu, who won first prize at eVolo’s 2016 Skyscraper Competition with a dramatic reimagining of Central Park.

“Is there a way to make Central Park available to more people?” ask the designers. “Our proposal is a hybrid multifunctional mega-structure. Not by building up, but by digging down, it reveals the bedrock (mountain) that was hidden under Central Park, and creates space along the new cliff.”

Their vision would see the New York City landmark lowered deeper into the ground, then surrounded along its seven-mile stretch by an enormous, glass-walled building. When viewed from within the park, the glass “sidescraper” would create an illusion of infinity – perhaps a welcome break in a city known for its density and verticality.

Sun and Wu’s radical plan would also give the park interior a makeover. Instead of its current careful landscaping, the conceptual Central Park boasts “a rugged, bedrock-strewn landscape” filled with hills, lakes, and meadows. New Yorkers could enjoy hiking, climbing, swimming, and other outdoor pursuits without ever leaving their shared backyard.

You can check out all the competition winners — including an insane looking, dystopian, drone-covered skyscraper — here.

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