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Score Yourself Count Dracula’s Castle For $66 Million

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Mwahahahaha, Count Dracula’s real life castle is up for sale and could be yours for a cool $66 million.

Bran Castle, built in 1226, was apparently home to Bram Stoker’s fictional character featured in his famous 1897 Gothic novel, Dracula. The 57-bedroom Romanian property features picturesque views of Transylvania, yet oddly, no indoor plumbing.

The castle was originally a military fortress built to defend Transylvania and over the centuries was home to everyone from communists to Teutonic knights and Romanian royalty. Today, Bran Castle is one of Romania’s top tourist destinations and hosts over 560,000 visitors a year.


So why the ‘for sale’ sign? The royal family’s heirs previously attempted to sell Bran Castle in 2014 for $66 million but didn’t get many bites. We’re guessing the castle’s spooky history and lack of toilet aren’t exactly selling points.

  • Rajaram

    The original book ”Dracula” has never been filmed with all horror details. The best part of the book is the travel of Jonathan Harker through Transylvania, Czechoslovakia, Romanian forests by train and horse carriages. Lot many horrorible events takes place until he reaches the Dracula fort. Also the travel of Dracula post purchase of the mansion in London by sea has many horrorible scenes. None of these find place in any movies, may be, they create terrible fear in the movie watchers, such things were avoided while filming.

  • Bran Castle Rep

    Once again, there have been a spate of articles regarding the sale of Bran Castle that are entirely baseless. Bran Castle has not been put up for sale; it is not listed with any agency; and no one is actively seeking buyers. No prospectus has ever been prepared and no price ever discussed. When questioned in 2014 by the Daily Mail about another bogus story, a family representative I told them the same thing, but then was asked if the family could envision a circumstance where the castle might be sold. They told him that, just like almost any property that someone might own, the family might entertain an offer from an appropriate purchaser at a price that could not be ignored. But all the speculation on a sale and on pricing of the castle is fanciful. Bran Castle is an extremely successful and profitable entertainment and event destination and a major historical site that attracted approximately 750,000 visitors last year and continues to increase in popularity. Dracula’s Castle is a magical place in every sense of the word and the family is constantly investing in new attractions and new exhibitions – – and this year the Castle will feature a restaurant in Queen Marie’s famous teahouse and provide food service to those who wish to dine at Dracula’s castle.


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