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14 Eye-Popping Optical Illusions Created By Street Artists

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1 of 14|By Edgar Mueller
2 of 14|By Edgar Mueller
3 of 14|By Edgar Mueller
4 of 14|By Julian Beever
5 of 14|By Julian Beever
6 of 14|By Julian Beever
7 of 14|By Kurt Wenner
8 of 14|By Kurt Wenner
9 of 14|By Kurt Wenner
10 of 14|By Manfred Stader
11 of 14|By Manfred Stader
12 of 14|By Leon Keer
13 of 14|By Leon Keer
14 of 14|By Leon Keer

Street art and graffiti have come a long way from “Stan was here” and “For a good time, call Gwen.” Today’s artists are international men of mystery, owners of million-dollar LA homes, and, in the case of the five featured here, creators of imaginary worlds so realistic it takes a triple-take to grasp exactly what you’re looking at.

Edgar Mueller, Julian Beever, Kurt Wenner, Manfred Stader, and Leon Keer are three of the world’s foremost experts on 3D street art. Each is behind astounding works of chalk art that trick the eye, amaze the mind, and blur the lines between fiction and reality.

From most perspectives, these eye-popping illustrations look distorted and unrecognisable – but occupy the right vantage point and you’re transported to a wonderful, whimsical three-dimensional world. See some of our favourite examples of 3D street art from around the world in the gallery above.

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