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Watch A Ferrari F40 Go Snow Driving For Red Bull Japan

Rich men often house their most prized wheels in garages under wraps. Not Japan’s Takeshi Kimura. The owner of this classic supercar is often found camping in the snows of Japan with his immaculate Ferrari F40. We wouldn’t even call it a standard F40 given its rally-inspired modifications complete with a wild front fog light assembly, but that’s beside the point.

Thanks to Red Bull Japan, the car which is usually driven like any other car has been given its own trailer treatment compliments of car filmmaker Luke Huxham. In the stylised video, a driver is depicted packing his bags for the snows, strapping it onto the roof and then taking the red beast out for a spin. Tyre chains are of course mandatory in any snow drive.

Filmed on location amongst the skiers of Ryuoo Ski Park, one of Japan’s premiere ski resorts, Takeshi throws all caution out the window as he drifts and slides from day to night through the paved snow tracks of the resort. It’s a treat to watch and even scary at times given the priceless nature of the vehicle.

Skis and snowboards are overrated anyway.


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