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5 Ways To Get & Stay Inspired

With so many of us hooked into the matrix, it can be easy to forget the importance of seeking out inspiration. In order to grow and prosper, it’s crucial for men to explore new places, see new things, take on new challenges and find ways to get the brain juices flowing. Along with the good people at Kirin Cider, we’ve put together a selection of people, places and means of getting inspired about life, work, style and success.

Take a different route


If you’re the victim of going to work on the same train, tram, bus combo, then mix it up. Borrow a bike, pack your clothes (neatly folded) in a backpack and ride to work, ideally by a different route. You’ll often find there’s a shortcut when you’re walking or using pedal power, but give yourself more time for your mind to take in the new route. You’ll give both hemispheres of your brain (logic & creative) a workout, feel like you’re done something new, and see more of the city. In Melbourne, the beach path is my personal recommendation.

Escape in books and films


About ten years ago, met an artist who discussed his daily rituals. He said that every morning he spends five minutes watching film trailers. He said it allowed him to escape before starting the day, but also to dive into someone else’s creative world.  The same can be said of books. Non-fiction volumes are great to learn from, but fiction can improve your ability to visualise new places, stories and worlds.

Find a mentor


We often come across people who impress us and inspire us to reach similar heights. Whether it’s about success or just seeing the world differently, mentors can be sounding boards for ideas, offer constructive feedback and challenge you. A good mentor helps you open new doors and gets you inspired creatively, in your personal life and career.

Travel and explore cities


A wise man once said, ‘A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world’. We couldn’t agree more. Visiting a new country or city for the first time lights up the creative areas of our brains, as we take in new sights, smells and sounds. The smallest memory can spark a new business idea that could be the next big thing. The same goes for exploring the city where you currently live. In Melbourne, we have places like Degraves Street for food, Hosier Lane for incredible street art or Spring Street for some of the city’s best architecture.

Develop a creative work ritual


Nothing kills creativity and inspiration like four white walls and some fluorescent lights. Whether you’re self-employed or working for the man, create a working schedule that inspires you to deliver your very best. Escape to cafes for working breaks, brainstorm in a park with pen and paper or grab some colleagues for a cold, refreshing beverage at a local bar.

Search for style


When it comes to getting inspired with personal style, the Internet can’t be beaten. Thanks to the rise of e-commerce and the street style photographer, men’s fashion inspiration is only a click away. My secret weapons include the #mensfashion hashtag on Tumblr, The Sartorialist and Tommy Ton, or simply trawling what’s new at MR.PORTER.




The playbook for the modern man

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