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Everyone’s Either Getting Laid At The Gym Or Thinking About It

gym sexBy now your New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten, but a new study may convince you to get your exercise regime back on track. The survey polled 2,000 British adults about their fitness habits and a quarter admitted to having sex at the gym. Makes you think twice about not wiping down the machines, doesn’t it?

The survey also revealed that a fifth of gym-goers have had sex with their personal trainer, and a full 70% of women admitted to fantasising about doing it. Some fitness fanatics are so dead-set on getting lucky after their deadlifts that they even come prepared – 10% said they bring condoms to the gym, just in case.

If you’re not actually engaging in gym sex, you’re probably thinking about it. Fifty percent of participants in the gym sex study reported using their workouts to find hookups, while 66 percent said that the thought of having sex at the facility fuelled their strenuous exercise routines.


What’s the science here? Previous research has shown that exercise is a natural sex drive enhancer. It boosts endorphins, which leads to higher self-esteem, as well as serotonin and dopamine, which improves mood and increases the libido. It may be a breach of basic sweatiquette, but gym sex is just nature doing its thing.

But guys, if you’re going to take a chance on a more illicit form of cardio, please get a room. The locker room doesn’t count.


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