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Happy Goggles Is McDonald’s First Venture Into Virtual Reality

If you can’t sell burgers in the real world, do it in the virtual world.

This is McDonald’s ambitious new approach in Sweden with a cool virtual reality concept which the fast food company is trialling. And it’s affably named, Happy Goggles.

The promotion invites children (and some adults, ahem) to turn their Happy Meal boxes into virtual reality viewers by just folding the box and slotting in a smartphone.

Jeff Jackett who is the marketing director of McDonald’s in Sweden told the Wall Street Journal that they are “trying to be a modern and progressive burger company.”

“It’s not a joke,” he added.

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To coincide with the Swedish holiday of Sportlov, McDonald’s have created a ski-themed VR game which will allow players to take on a slalom by tilting their head.

Around 3,500 examples of the Happy Goggles will be made available over fourteen Swedish McDonald’s outlets in the first two weeks of March.

We’re sure some keen bean will try to install VR porn onto this device in no time. Happy Goggles indeed.



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