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Repair Holes In Your Herschel Backpack With Just Your Body Heat

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For most, Herschel conjures up images of simple, functional duffel bags and backpacks often donning the backs of hipsters, high school kids and perhaps yourself mid-layover or commute. But these days, Herschel is all about innovation and backpacks that you can repair with just the heat in your fingertip.

Hershel designer brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack have introduced a fabric called Sealtech, a lightweight ripstop nylon that isn’t just water-resistant, but can reseal small holes. By applying a little body heat via rubbing your fingers over a puncture, the Sealtech will tighten its surrounding material and voila, hole be gone.

“We’re constantly looking for innovative fabrics and manufacturing processes to keep us moving forward,” explains Jamie. “We were looking at new materials with unique treatments and different properties when Sealtech fabric was first brought in almost two years ago. This nylon ripstop has the perfect coating combination that not only gives it a soft hand-feel, but it’s also water-resistant and can reseal itself after minor punctures.”

If you’ve been particularly heavy-handed with your Herschel, Sealtech won’t be able to work its magic very well, but for only $99-$149 you’ll be thanking yourself when your duffel comes off the airport carousel looking like swiss cheese.

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