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How To Get Diplo’s Style

The music producer of the moment is none other than Diplo, real name Thomas Wesley Pentz. If he sounds familiar and you’ve never heard of his songs, it’s probably because you’ve stumbled across one of his many publicised beefs with high profile celebrities on Twitter. It’s a generational thing.

What isn’t a generational thing is his style, an eclectic clash of streetwear and fast fashion straight off the runway which provides this 37-year-old with his own unique sense of style.

It’s loud, it’s fun and it’s a style fit for a rising music star who has worked with names such as Madonna, Shakira, Beyoncé, No Doubt, Justin Bieber, Usher and Snoop Dogg. A good dose of Diplo fashion and style coming right up. No drops included.

Diplo Fashion: Breaking It Down


When you’re the face of this generation’s party scene, you definitely have to dress the part. Diplo spends most of his time in front of massive crowds at festivals or in front of cameras. Most of his looks are an extension of street culture cut in modern fits and he has even paired his quirky style with suits. At one end of the spectrum you have a Diplo who is all business ready for a clean sweep at any given awards show. In this instance Diplo opts for suits sans the tie whilst simultaneously featuring some cool detailing to make the look pop.

On the party front it’s all about longline pieces, crazy print joggers, camo suits and fresh white kicks. Let’s break down each look.

Red Carpet Raver


Red carpet Diplo fashion sees some of the most refined threads you’ll ever find this music maestro in. Alongside his buddy Skrillex, Diplo often shows up to events abiding by the style rules with a minor twist. The blue ensemble on the left is actually cut like a double breasted blazer only it retains the two button format of a single breasted blazer. It messes with your head and rightfully so because the man can get away with it. Drop the tie, add lapel accessories and you’ve got yourself an instant stand out.

The remainder of Diplo’s formal wears include a simple yet necessary full black tux and black suit sans the tie. The shoes are absolute killers though with tanned leather detailing drawing attention to what would otherwise be a conventional outfit. Change up the colour where appropriate.

Fancy Pants


Diplo is huge in the pants department. No, not that way. His actual pants collection is massive and often wilder than Trump’s haircut. Joggers take centre stage when Diplo is on performance duties and the zany prints are often paired with white sneakers or luxe Giuseppe Zanotti high tops.

Up top it’s all about the long line shirts, patched up bomber jackets and granddad collar shirts with a sheer top pulled over. Give it a shot if you dare. You’ll either look like an urban slayer or a hipster lost in translation. If you’re dancing, all bets are off and you’ll just look awesome.

Boiler Room


Layered up Diplo is your perfect inspiration for the colder seasons. The man is a fan of svelte coats and unconventional blazers which again add a serious bite to his outfits. Smart layering is the key to pulling off a cool Diplo look here so make sure you’ve got enough contrasting colours to make it work. A navy coat goes fine with dark trousers and a grey knit. keep the shirt underneath untucked to remind those that you’re no corporate conformist. Leather boots or dress shoes will do fine in this case.

On the attention grabbing front, Diplo opts for a crazy camo patterned suit which he pairs with white sneakers to tell everyone that he’s not taking this look too seriously. It works because he’s a natural performer. We don’t recommend you try this one in the office.

Snow season calls for striped joggers and a heavy tweed coat just like Diplo’s. It’s a clash of casual and upmarket cool which allows this odd combination to work. Again colour consistency is key and the entire look of this outfit is kept in just two contrasting tones. Simple, elegant and very cool.

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