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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Tinder This Long Weekend

Welcome to the long weekend. You’ve worked damn hard all year to get to this 4-day break and you deserve some rest and relaxation, or at least, a few cheeky Tinder matches to sweeten the public holiday deal, right?

Whether you’re a first-time swiper, or a seasoned Tindernova, here are the 5 ways you can up your online dating game over the long weekend and score yourself some SuperLikes, or a bit of flirty digital banter at the bare minimum.

#1 Update Your Profile


Before you even bother checking out Tinder’s potential matches, it’s wise to ensure your profile reflects the very best version of you. If your profile picture is still of you planking at Schoolies, it’s time for a bit of Spring cleaning. Dig up those Facebook albums and opt for a selection that showcases your ‘best assets’. Shots of you with your family, friends or adorable puppy are perfectly acceptable. At all costs, however, avoid images that feature a) an ex-girlfriend, b) a baby or c) a narcissistic bathroom selfie. Oh, and don’t even think about that ‘hilarious’ photo of your bare butt cheeks out at the top of a mountain.

Next comes the bio. You can spend as much, or as little time on this as you want. A+ for effort to the wordsmiths out there who create a witty and/or hilarious knee-slapper of a Tinder bio, but a little bit about yourself, your occupation and height (this matters) is fine as well. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy when it comes to Tinder and if all that’s stopping you from a right swipe is a bio that reads: “here for hookups only”, you might need some lessons in the art of sugar-coating, even if that is all you’re on the app for.

#2 Sort Out Your Discover Settings


If you haven’t had a play around with your Discover Settings on Tinder then, firstly – we’re incredibly sorry the only matches you’ve been getting are from 60-year-old Sugar Mummies, and secondly – get to it, son.

Your chosen distance is totally up to you. Are you keen on finding a match with plenty of mutual friends and potentially more to talk about? Then keep your kilometre radius at a minimum, but bear in mind that you may risk coming across an ex, or worse, a sibling. Prefer to keep your matches a meeting of strangers? Then search a wider area, it’ll give you a bigger pool of potential matches with more anonymity.

The same goes for age. Try being a little more open-minded with your age bracket and you’ll notice plenty more matches falling into your pile. If you’re set on an age group, tighten it up, and avoid any awkward cradle-snatching scenarios.

#3 Tweak Your Interests


Does your Facebook profile (which is joined to your Tinder) still say you’re into System of a Down and hacky sacks? Time to give it a refresh. Amping up your interests with your favourite music, movies and TV shows means you’ll win over those fence-sitters with just your immaculate taste in pop culture before the banter has even begun. It also means you’ll weed out the weirdos who you have literally nothing in common with.

If you just want to get a bunch of matches and aren’t really fussed about who they are, you’re a bit weird, but just make sure your interests reflect trending or popular things on Facebook.

#4 Start Swiping Right


We don’t recommend you sit there for hours swiping right on any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes your way, but do be open-minded and give a potential match a chance. Swipe regularly, as well. The more you use the app, swiping left or swiping right, the more matches you stand the chance of getting.

#5 Be A Conversationalist


DO: Show your match that you’re interested, but don’t go over the top. Being a charity case won’t help your cause and asking for a date and/or sex within the first minute won’t work either. Be complimentary, but not creepy (e.g. ‘You’re beautiful‘, rather than ‘You look like you’re DTF’). Be yourself, but most importantly, talk to your match like you would with a stranger in real life, get creative and focus on the great time your match should have getting to know you.

DON’T: Be lame, and say something like “Is your name Google? Cause you’re everything I’m searching for.” It might seem like you’re Mr. Funny, but your match doesn’t know you and therefore, won’t know you’re just pulling her leg, she’ll just assume you’re a bit weird. Also, if she doesn’t respond after a few tries, do yourself a favour and take a hint.

So there you have it. Happy swiping over the long weekend, and good luck to you on your quest for the perfect Tinderella.

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