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5 Easy & Stylish Bedroom Hacks For A Better Slumber

It’s one, if not the most important room in the house and it also has a very crucial role to play in every man’s life.

how to sleep better

If you’re not getting a well rested sleep, there could be a few reasons in the mix: diet, distractions, stress or possibly your 3:30p.m caffeine shot that supercharges you through those busy afternoons. Despite all of this, making a few adjustments to your bedroom may in fact be the key on how to sleep better.


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These five bedroom tweaks will probably turn you into one of those people that weirdly always refuses to crash at a mate’s, even after a big night. You may even find yourself turning down a ‘ten’ at a bar, just because your fancy new bedroom’s calling.

#1 Bed It Right


The average person spends more than one third of their life in bed. Surely this figure will convince you to splash out the cash on a decent bed. To get a better looking bed, that will in turn make you feel better in your room, take some time in choosing your bed frame, bed head and bed covers.

We’ve got your bed covered from top to toe here in our men’s guide to cool bedding and masculine linen sheets that’ll show you how to sleep better.

#2 Create A Ritual


Do whatever it takes to wind you down and do it ritualistically. Set a time that you wish to be in your bedroom by and block it into your diary like you would any meeting. The key here is to avoid blustering into your bedroom like a tornado and jumping straight into bed frazzled. You should aim to wind down slowly. An armchair is the perfect accompaniment for a pre-bedtime read or meditation- also an essential sex prop, but more on that another time.

#3 At An Arm’s Length



Your bedroom and all the items in it should all be functional, good looking, but also functional. Keep the floor clear and get a couple of bedside tables. Think about what you like at arm’s reach next to your bed, perhaps a bedside table with drawers is a valuable investment? This way, any guests you have over won’t have to play witness to your private magazine stash either.

#4 Dim It Down


Lighting is also an easy and very essential way to help you create a night-time ritual. Much like how you can’t skip first and second base to get to that home run, going from a bright light and dimming it down in stages or switching between your overhead lights to a dimmer lamp will also help you unwind. We here at D’Marge even know someone who has 3 stages of light dimming in their bedroom routine – hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

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#5 Bedroom Vibes

how to sleep better

To master a heavenly atmosphere in your boudoir, there are a few crucial adjustments you need to make.

Remove all negative or stressful situations or reminders from your bedroom: Don’t plan to have any serious lover’s quarrels in there and definitely get rid of any work related material from this room.

Hire a cleaner: It’s all about outsourcing, if you haven’t already heard.

Get those candles or essences burning: Just make sure they are quality, the cheap options are guaranteed to make you feel sick.

Only include furnishings you love: If you don’t love it, give it away.


Now enjoy your future nights, full of utterly blissful sleep. How to sleep better is no longer something you need to worry about.


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