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Impossible Architecture: Mind-Bending Buildings That Look Straight Out Of Inception

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Victor Enrich has a unique vision of the modern metropolis. The Spanish photographer uses 3D modelling techniques to create impossible architecture that looks like it stepped straight off the screen of Inception.

Enrich calls the series ‘City Portraits.’ Since beginning it back in 2005, he has flipped, bent, twisted, and otherwise distorted buildings from locations all around the world. Riga, Tel Aviv, and Munich are just a few of the places he has subverted into urban fantasylands.

To achieve the effect, Enrich creates a 3D environment from a 2D photograph. Describing his methods to Dezeen, the photographer said: “The process involves capturing the perspective, then the geometry, then the materials and finally the lighting.” After completing part of the process with 3D software, he then adds the finishing touches by hand to “reach the level of detail needed to achieve high photorealism.”

The end result is a collection of mind-boggling buildings that simultaneously too real to be fake and too weird to be real. See a selection of Enrich’s photography above and more of his work here.


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