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10 Incredible Amsterdam Townhouses That Will Blow Your Mind

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1 of 10|Kate Hume
2 of 10|Bedford Street by Milieu Property|Photo Credit: Dan Hocking - LINK
3 of 10|Eleven Experience
4 of 10|Culinary Art Cafe
5 of 10|Maison Rika
6 of 10|Vtwonen Townhouse
7 of 10|Frederik Roijé
8 of 10|Powerhouse Company
9 of 10|VKV Visuals
10 of 10|Atelier Kempe Thill

Amsterdam. The Netherlands capital known for its canals, ‘coffee shops’, Red Light District and most importantly, its beautiful houses.

Amsterdam is home to some of the narrowest properties in the world. While narrow, and often small, these Dutch townhouses make up for size in character and impeccable interior design.

From moody art-filled living quarters, to cultured culinary art cafes and light, lush canal dwellings, here are 10 incredible Amsterdam townhouses that will blow your mind and have you feeling as high as a kite.



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