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Instagram’s Latest Update Receives 60 Second Videos

After all the commotion with the Instagram feed reformatting from chronological to top posts order, a more welcome feature to the popular image sharing app will be 60 second videos. This is a significant step up from the original 15 second format which often rendered videos cropped short and unevenly.

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Instagram hopes that this bump in video upload size will encourage more creativity and content diversity as the company discovered that users were spending up to 40% more time consuming the clips on Instagram in the past six months.

The new update will also bring back the option to produce a single video out of multiple clips. This cool revamped feature will be available on iOS only for now. Punters can expect the new features to roll out from today. If you absolutely must, Selena Gomez has posted one of the first 60 second videos on Instagram which you can view here.


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