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John Oliver’s New Trump Takedown Involves Walls & Waffle Irons

The world went mad for John Oliver’s first Donald Trump bloodbath, sending the segment viral straight away. Now the charming host of Last Week Tonight is back with a fresh Trump takedown, this time tackling the subject of a wall between Mexico and the United States.

If you’ve heard the Republican hopeful speak, you know he plans to block Mexican immigrants from crossing the border into the US with a gigantic wall. It’s a shining jewel of a terrible plan in Trump’s crown of terrible plans, and Oliver spends 18 minutes gloriously eviscerating it.

Not only is the wall scheme racist and absurdly expensive (although Trump can’t seem to decide exactly how much it will cost), it’s also ludicrously inefficient. Thankfully, Oliver has a better idea for all that money, and it involves breakfast food. Watch the clip in all its magnificence above and you’ll be sold.

John Oliver: tear down that Trump wall.


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