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John Oliver Really, Really, Really Hates Lands’ End

John Oliver, reigning king of truth-telling and takedowns, needs to get something off his chest. The HBO news show host is famous for laying bare the uncomfortable truths in our world. From exposing corporate greed to eviscerating Donald Trump, Oliver tackles the big topics. Except last night, when he took on a more unexpected foe: Lands’ End.

Oliver is no fan of the “clothing company so boring its name is literally synonymous with water.” In particular, he really, really, really hates this jacket. The host’s barbs include calling it “a visual expression of rock bottom” and “a cry for help” – and the jacket isn’t the only Lands’ End garment to experience Oliver’s wrath.

Regardless of your feelings on quilted blazers, the sartorial segment is a fun watch. Check it out above.


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