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$11M Is How Much You’ll Need To Buy This Lamborghini Veneno

No that’s no typo and no this isn’t your average man’s Lamborghini. Let’s get the vital stats out of the way. Only one of three built in the world, a RRP of $US4,000,000 at the time of release, three years old and just 840km on the clock.

The Lamborghini Veneno stunned the motoring world when it was first unveiled at Geneva. A lot of it had to do with its wild and unorthodox hypercar styling which pushed the boundaries of exotic design (and credit card limits).

Well if you missed your chance to buy one the first time around then you’re in luck. Veneno number two has just gone up for sale on a German website. This particular example has been listed by a broker in Japan for approximately US$11,000,000. That’s an insane mark up from the already lofty dealership price but we suppose if you could afford something like this then you’re probably already playing on another level.

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Two Venenos currently reside in the U.S with one in Long Island and the other in Miami. This particular Veneno is said to be the one sold to a customer in China and has been seen passing through Hong Kong on its way to Macau in the past.

Oddly, for such an exorbitantly priced car, the accompanying photos are trash and it makes you wonder if there was enough money left over to buy a decent camera. If you want to see the seller images, click here. They’re too depressing (and grainy) for us to even post here.

And for good context, Lamborghini’s latest Centenario hypercar that was just revealed at the Geneva Auto Show 2016 will only set you back $US1,900,000 in comparison. A bargain compared to this particular Lamborghini Veneno sale.



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