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Watch The Unnerving New Trailer For James Wan’s Lights Out

‘You were right to be afraid of the dark’ is the tagline for James Wan‘s latest horror masterpiece entitled Lights Out.

The film teams up the esteemed Australian horror filmmaker with Aussie actress Teresa Palmer in what will be a movie that will guarantee you won’t sleep for weeks. Unlike his other successful franchises such as Saw and The Conjuring though, Wan will be taking a backseat as a producer for this project whilst he focuses on bigger fish like his directorial role for the upcoming Aquaman.

That’s not to say the film doesn’t muster up some genuine scares though (try sitting through the first 30 seconds). The ghost tale which is a feature length version of David F. Sandberg’s 2013 short film will also see Sadnberg serving as the director. Expect features the usual horror suspects including dark figures, random figures appearing very close out of nowhere and some seriously messed up monster faces.


The film will open in cinemas on July 22.

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