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70mph Longboarding In A Suit With Hackett & Williams Martini Racing

The Hackett boys in suits are heading back to the track with Williams Martini Racing, this time to show off their latest skills in longboarding.

In what’s one of the coolest Formula One/men’s fashion partnerships to date, Hackett’s stormtrooper pit crew are on hand to help out a friend in longboard downhill champ Liam Morganwho who is sliding through the sweeping bends of a track – in a full blown Hackett suit. Because why not?

Throwing two middle fingers to the hipsters and drop-crotch skater kids, the mysterious Hackett longboarder remains composed, silent and dapper throughout the 70mph (112km/h) ride. He even has a dedicated pit crew who change the wheels for him in record time. Can they beat the longboarding crew of Stormtroopers and extreme animal friends? Only time will tell.

There’s a serious side to the campaign too and that’s to promote the latest Hackett X Williams racing suits which can be seen at Hackett.


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