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20 Masculine & Stylish Home Bars For The Sophisticated Gentleman

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1 of 20|Get Reflective|Positioning your home bar beneath a mirror or reflective surface adds a personal touch and also means you can enjoy a G&T while admiring your Magnificent Bastard self in style.
2 of 20|Bring The Outside In|Get in touch with mother nature by incorporating lush botanicals, flowers and succulents into your home bar set up.
3 of 20|A Bar For Two|By setting up your drinking nook between two masculine armchairs, your solo booze fest suddenly becomes an appealing night for two.
4 of 20|When Two Become One|Empty space on your kitchen top? Don't waste it on a toaster or sandwich press, make it a mini home bar. Source yourself some sophisticated trays, glassware and a shaker or two and boom, you have bar.
5 of 20|Get Nautical|Fancy channeling your inner drunken sailor? Get yourself a nautical themed home bar. Ditch the tacky blue and white and go for untreated wood and rope accents.
6 of 20|Let's Play Corners|Don't waste an empty corner on a stuffy lamp, make it a home bar. Invest in a metal and glass drinks cart, an eye-catching print and some fancy glassware, add booze and voila, drinking nook.
7 of 20|Under The Stairs|Your staircase is no longer a means to travel from one level to another, now it's a slide-worthy bannister than lands you in your very own home bar. Schmick drinks cart, glassware and throne-like lounge chair and you have the perfect bachelor drinking spot.
8 of 20|Drinks With Friends|Why drink for one, when you can drink for many with this home bar that incorporates stools in a wood and granite setup with masculine navy and blue accents.
9 of 20|Get Arty|Your prized artwork won't have to sit lonely atop a fireplace any longer with this home bar. The addition of a subtle chrome lamp and drinks cart with nifty wine and glass holders means your art has a place to truly shine.
10 of 20|The Galley|Once again, we're all about multi-purpose drinking here at D'Marge. Your unused corridor is now a sophisticated galley bar. Built within the wall, your home bar will sit flush and acts as the perfect place to showcase statement art pieces and enjoy a bevy or two.
11 of 20|Sliding Doors|If you know how to work hard and play harder, the sliding door home bar is for you. Hidden behind a inconspicuous sliding door, you'll be able to access an emergency Old Fashioned and your sneaker collection at the same time.
12 of 20|Light Reading (& Drinking)|Books are important, but so is drinking. That's why this inventive cabinet doubles as a book case and mini home bar all in one. You can delve into some War and Peace and tuck into a martini with ease.
13 of 20|TV Dinner & Drink|When you're stuck into the Formula One on telly, but you're craving a drink, why trek it to the kitchen when you've got a home bar in your living room? This chic drinks cart is like your very own butler, delivering you magnificent cocktails as you hit pause.
14 of 20|The Mantlepiece|Mantle piece reserved only for happy snaps and family photos? How about booze? By combining some good looking bottles, glassware and choice prints and pics on your mantle, you've got yourself a bonafide conversation starter and palette cleanser, all in one.
15 of 20|The Midnight Snack|It's 1am, you're thirsty, where do you go? The kitchen for a glass of milk and some cookies? No, you child. You head to this totally masculine and sophisticated home bar for a cold one straight out of the bar fridge. It's also a nice place to hide that Grange you've been saving for a special occasion.
16 of 20|Your Grandfather's Cabinet|Once an old stuffy wooden cabinet, now a home bar, choc-a-block with more spirits, beer and booze than you can poke a stick at. Your mum told you to treat the family heirloom like your most prized possession, which means fill it to the brim with alcohol and make it your own.
17 of 20|A Liquid Breakfast In Bed|We're not encouraging getting hammered in bed, but it also might be a bit fun, so here is the bedside home bar. From the comfort of your duvet, you can reach across and pour yourself a vodka martini while counting sheep.
18 of 20|Light Up Your Life|Discover your inner hipster and purchase yourself some light-up letters for your next home bar. These puppies come cheap and can be just the right addition to your specified drinking area...or at least a night light guiding you to the nearest bottle.
19 of 20|A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That|This home bar incorporates all of our favourites. A piece of art, a couple of treasured books, some lush flora and fancy glassware. Plus the drawers of this bar can remain home for your miscellaneous crap, without disturbing the peace.
20 of 20|A Little Bit Luxe|Inject a little feminine energy into your home bar (or at least your drinking corner) with this classy reflective table. The perfect spot for those expensive champagne glasses you got at your wedding, or a nice place to get your drink and cheeky pash on first date.

We’re steadily approaching the Christmas season, that means uninhibited drinking and late night debauchery, without the impending doom of work the next day.

If you consider yourself one of these badasses then we recommend forgoing the $12 G&T’s that will no doubt be guzzled at every hole in the wall around town. Why not save your pennies and paint the town red from the comfort of your lounge, kitchen or perhaps bedroom with your very own home bar?

From chic and intimate drinking nooks, to sophisticated and well-accessorised drink carts, multi-purpose wardrobe-turned-wet your whistle hideaways and late night tipple-loving galleys, here are 20 masculine and stylish home bars for the sophisticated gentleman.


Cheers to that.


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