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Masculine & Stylish Storage Is Made Easy In This Ukrainian Apartment

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Over the years, moving one place to the next, we tend to accumulate a reasonable amount of crap, but where to store it all so you’re not on the next episode of ‘Hoarders’? This apartment located in the Ukrainian city of Odessa is a pretty good example of masculine and stylish storage systems to keep your miscellaneous belongings in check.

The 1,983 square foot apartment designed by 2Bgroup is open, airy and spacious but separates living areas with modular cubes and levels in different materials like wood, concrete and exposed brick. Quirky light fittings, furniture and art make it a creatives dream home, but it’s the apartments modern storage systems that really set it apart.

In the master bedroom a bookcase spanning the entire wall acts as the perfect nook for books and small plants, but also as a stylish window sill. In a smaller ‘reading room’, a step ladder doubles as a book shelf and a beneath the apartment’s exposed brick art wall, a streamlined storage cabinet showcases sculptures.


These subtle storage elements are masculine, chic and understated and also make up for the slightly less desirable aspects of the apartment, like a questionable transperant bath tub and cheesy inspirational quote wall decal.


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