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Inside The Merivale Group Offices

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Ever wondered what the headquarters of Sydney’s hospitality giant Merivale looks like? Well, here’s your sneak peek.

The corporate heart of Merivale is actually located within the multi-layered Pacha paradise and businessmen haunt that is the Ivy. Merivale’s Sydney HQ is a collaborative effort between architects Woods Bagot and interior designers Hecker Guthrie, resulting in a mid-century aesthetic peppered with a combination of lacquer timbers, luxurious textures, lush greenery and plenty of natural light.

In fact, Merivale’s office are available for hire and teeters on the fine line of work and play, encouraging the company’s ethos of an extended working family, where having a good time is not always secondary to providing one. With a champagne bar ending a polite row of open plan office spaces, the Merivale Group clearly believes in having a good time at work.

As the brains behind major Sydney hotspots like Establishment, The Beresford, El Loco, Ms. G’s and Coogee Pavilion it’s no wonder Justin Hemmes and the team at Merivale have spared no expense on their headquarters.


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