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Milan Loft Proves Dark Can Be Open And Airy

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Popular opinion holds that dark living spaces are an interior design no-no. You’ve been told murky hues make rooms feel somber and oppressively small. But take a look at this industrial Milan loft and you’ll see that rules were made to be broken.

Designed by Silvio Stefani, the apartment makes extensive use of dark shades yet maintains an open and airy presence. The space blends lean, geometric and minimal lines with natural woods to create a sense of harmony. Here you’ll find black metal, shiny chrome, and unfinished surfaces coexisting peacefully with warmer, less contemporary touches, like classic leather, large statement art, and eye-catching greenery.

The result is a space that embraces contradictions – industrial but inviting, dark but open, natural but modern. A gold star to Silvio Stefani for designing a masculine, magnificent dream loft.

  • Dave Conrad

    please note the wall of 12 ft windows. if those windows were standard size, the rooms would have a much different feel. Also – is this dude growing a forest in there?


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