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Find Peaceful Minimalism In This West Melbourne Loft

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Where in the world do you find strong coffee, beards aplenty, and a butter factory-turned-minimalist loft? Melbourne, of course.

This West Melbourne masterpiece was designed by local architect Adrian Amore and stays true to the creatives’ focus on “the way spaces work and the building functions as a primary driving force behind the schematic design followed by a layering of design concepts and details which shape and transform the building into a tailored product.”

A Guggenheim-reminiscent staircase sprouts from plenty of open space, save for electic and magnificent additions like a cowhide rug, geometric granite kitchen, bike seat stool, off-beat wooden pieces and industrial floor lighting.


Upstairs two bedrooms, a bathroom and option studio make this space a minimalist’s dream and hipster family home.


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The playbook for the modern man

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