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Neon Moscow Apartment By Geometrix Design

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Moscow is rarely a city you’d expect to call futuristic but one apartment is looking to change this perception by embracing eclectic modern design and neon lights. Yep, like the strip club neons.

The Neon Apartment is a bold project from the minds at Geometrix Design which covers 117 square metres of trendy real estate. Inside the space you’ll find a collective of quirky and bright designer furniture including faux taxidermy, neon wall art, mirrors, designer couches and insane lighting methods.

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Think raw concrete mixed with neo-Tokyo with a hint of Miami Vice 80s and you’re about on the right track. Even the kitchen is a work of art, featuring oblique shapes used to carve out the dining table and chairs.

Moving into the bedroom is an extension of the raw concrete and neons continue to create some ultra clean and minimalistic lines. And to wrap things off nicely? A fresh piece of bathroom wall art which features some of the world’s greatest pop icons and events.

Moscow, Moscool.


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