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Samsung Smart Windshield Turns Your Motorcycle Into A Fighter Jet Cockpit

If your idea of cool is turning your motorcycle into a fighter jet with your smartphone then Samsung have the right gadget for you.

The Korean electronics giant has just debuted their Smart Windshield, a device which relays vital information from your phone and projects it onto the windshield like a modern fighter jet (or the latest Toyota Prius, if you will). HUD systems are nothing new nowadays having been found in a range of consumer cars which display the vehicle’s speed, range, directions and other vital info via the car’s sensors.

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The difference with the Samsung Smart Windshield is its connectivity and operation with one’s smartphone. The phone’s data collected via a Smart Windshield app is projected front and centre on the motorcycle’s console making it a standalone digital gauge which riders can use to safely send automatic messages, let others know they’re on the road and view phone calls and texts whilst on the road.

The Samsung Smart Windshield is a concept for now but given the arrival of pizza delivery robots, Uber Moto, robot-riding motorcycles and VR Porn, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Samsung green light this one.


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