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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #68

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1 of 7|Bel & Bel Zero Scooter
2 of 7|Sennheiser HE160 headphones
3 of 7| Richard Mille RMS05 Fountain Pen
4 of 7|Rimowa X Harrods Alluminum Topas
5 of 7|New York City Desk
6 of 7|Outdoor Billiards & Dining Table
7 of 7|Outdoor Billiards & Dining Table

We’re kicking it up a notch for this week’s gadgets which will ensure you’ll need to mortgage your house to afford one of these bad boys. From a $105,000 pen to a $75,000 pair of headphones, these are the world’s best money-grabbing toys this week.

#1 Bel & Bel Zero Scooter

Average scooters are so 2005. Design company Bel & Bel who are renowned for bringing vintage design into the future have come out with their new Zero Scooter. It’s the world’s first self-balancing scooter which takes design cues from the iconic Vespa and blends it with the Segway. Roll around like you’re a cool dude who works at Google or look like a complete tool who’s too cool for walking. The choice is yours.
Price: $6,500/BUY

#2 Sennheiser HE160 headphones

Ever heard of the sound of raining gold? You’d better with these bad boys from Sennheiser. The HE160 headphones is slated as the “best headphones in the world” and at a rumoured $75,000, they’d better live up to the hype. With just 200 to 250 units to built every year, Sennheiser isn’t looking to pedal these off to iPhone audiophiles anytime soon. The unit boasts its own theatrics as the power switch is pressed. Control knobs rise from the Carrara marble cabinet as do the eight valve amps charged with regulating its superb sound quality. A glass lid slides open to reveal the headphones but you can’t listen just yet – the valves take half a minute to reach the optimum operating temperature. Shut. Up.
Price: $75,000/BUY


#3  Richard Mille RMS05 Fountain Pen

This is no ordinary biro you’d chew on. Richard Mille, renowned for their ultra complicated timepieces have worked their magic on a fountain pen which has its own complicated escapement. Press down on the pen retractor and watch as the tiny gears move to reveal the 18K gold writing nib. As expected, surrounding materials are exquisite with carbon taken from racing yachts and rhodium plated gears. You have been warned.
Price: $105,000/BUY

#4 Rimowa X Harrods Alluminum Topas

Rimowa have come out with yet another awesome colourway of their popular Topas collection of luggage, this time for menswear store Harrods. The new colour is a matte chocolate applied over an alluminium body with titanium-coloured trim. As usual, it will come in various sizes as well as featuring Rimowa’s 360-degree multi-wheel system, telescope handle and self repairing zippers.
Price: £895.00/BUY

#5 New York City Desk

For those who can’t afford to live in the Big Apple, there is reprieve. Bring the iconic city to your home with this cool dining table which features a scaled down model embedded inside its glass enclosure. Glow in the dark filaments and LED lights allow this hero piece to stand out long after the lights go out. Because New York never sleeps.
Price: US$27,200/BUY

#6 Outdoor Billiards & Dining Table

Business up top, party down below. This is the motto of the outdoor billiards dining table. The full size billiards table can accommodate up to eight guests whilst also abiding to tournament regulations with its sealed and felt-covered 1″ thick slate surface for professional standard of play. It’s also water and UV protected for outdoor convenience. Colours come in white or chocolate. Let’s see the partner try to talk you out of this one.
Price: $11,000/BUY


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