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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #70

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1 of 6| Revolights Eclipse
2 of 6|Pinetti Wine Rack By Harlequin Illusions
3 of 6|Goodyear Eagle 360 Concept Tire
4 of 6|Perceval Meteor Knives
5 of 6|London Undercover Constellation Umbrella
6 of 6|2016 KTM X-Bow Gt Black Edition

The future beckons with this week’s coolest wrap of tech, gadgets and money grabbers. If you’re a rider of bicycles, you will soon be able to rid your cumbersome spot lights with something radical. Even the humble motor vehicle gets a revolutionary new treatment with spherical tyres driven by magnetic levitation. Read on to find out what else is making serious waves in the tech realm.

#1 Revolights Eclipse

The bike lights which make it look like you’re levitating have received a second update. The same floating functionality as the original remains with four rings of LEDs that mount to the front and back tyres (white for the front, red for back). It detects the bike’s speed automatically and illuminates accordingly. On top of that there’s also a new 360º Visibility feature, Bluetooth connectivity, turn signals, ride tracking, commute alerts & more. All of these extra functions aim to make the Revolights Eclipse a bike lighting system which offers unprecedented levels of safety. There’s even an app which allows the rider to control settings, keep track of speed, distance tracking and battery life updates.


Price: $199/BUY

#2 Pinetti Wine Rack By Harlequin Illusions

This is no average wine rack. In fact, after a few glasses we’re sure it’ll make you and your guests think they’re seeing things. Wine bottles slotted into the rack seemingly disappear into the ether only to re-appear on the other side. The vanishing mid-section? Magic. Just kidding. It’s most likely a mirror. Each handmade rack is made from red oak and finsihed in Danish oil. Twelve bottles can be stored in its sorcery.

Price: $295/BUY

#3 Goodyear Eagle 360 Concept Tyre

Talk about reinventing the wheel. American tyre company Goodyear have come up with a radical concept which turns tyre perception on its head. More specifically, the spherical tyres are designed for autonomous vehicles and claim to improve handling with a larger contact area with the ground and special tread design. Driveshafts? Nobody’s got time for that. The tyres rely on a mag-lev drive attachment system – yes, just like BB-8 from Star Wars.

Price: $N/A/BUY

#4 Perceval Meteor Knives

We’re not one for peddling knives but when it’s made out of a real meteorite, holy moly do we feel the need to slice and dice. The beauty of traditional Damascus doesn’t stand a chance against this blade from outer space. The handles are sculpted from a block of solid meteorite hence making each piece unique. Speaking of Damascus, it’s included in the package anyway to complement the overall look of the knife. The knives come in three styles and are handcrafted in a French workshop.

Price: +$5,000/BUY


#5 London Undercover Constellation Umbrella

Look to the stars as you brave the rains. London Undercover have released a new umbrella design perfect for the new season of unpredictable weather. London Undercover umbrellas are made from a single piece of polished maple which has a continuous maple and shaft. A silver Ferrule tip and main canopy crafted from Navy fabric adds a classic British touch to the accessory. It’s not cheap but you’ll know you’re buying into a near-indestructible piece of men’s wardrobe.

Price: $235/BUY

#6 2016 KTM X-Bow GT Black Edition

KTM was in no way a pig of a car to begin with. It seats two, has an engine in the back and is missing a roof. Well KTM thought it could be improved so they replaced all the fibreglass panels with carbon fibre and called it the GT Black Edition. The result is a faster, more nimble weekend racer which sports a 2.0-litre turbo-charged engine with 320hp. Hand-stitched seats and a titanium exhaust demand a US$109,000 price tag. You want to play, you’ve got to pay.

Price: $109,000/BUY


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