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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #71

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1 of 6|Silver Screen House
2 of 6|Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot
3 of 6|Baik Bicycle
4 of 6|Shelby GT500CR Mustang
5 of 6|Jarvis x No. 4 St. James Stand Up Paddle Board
6 of 6|Ferrari 250TR Model Car by Ralph Lauren Home

It’s time to get your gadget shoes on as we take you guys around the world to track down some of the world’s finest money grabbers this week. Credit cards out.

#1 Silver Screen House

Sit atop your own roof and Netflix and Chill in style. By style we mean overlooking Los Angeles via the scenic Hollywood Hills.This is an actual house built along the ridgeline of the famous residential strip that comes with its own outdoor movie theatre. The main living area is shrouded in glass whilst a fireplace extends from the ceiling all the way into the main area. Besides breathtaking views, there’s also a pool to enjoy it all in during Summer. The outdoor screen is actually an exterior wall of the house and is visible from the driveway and dedicated viewing area on top of the garage. Take that, waterfront mansion guy.

Price: $TBA/BUY


#2 Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot

Be afraid. Domino’s Australia have created a pizza delivery robot called DRU that will deliver the goods straight to your doorstep. It’s a self navigating robot which has a top speed of 20km/h and can avoid obstacles. Pizza thieves need not apply – the robot will only reveal its stash via a Domino’s app. Although if you wanted a free robot you could probably just take that. Watch the video to find out more.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#3 Baik Bicycle

If you’ve ever loved a bike but hated the way they look then the Baik concept is for you. It strips the conventional bike down to bare bones and takes minimalist riding to a whole new level. Dreamt up by Spanish designer Ion Lucin, the bike is sleek and cool from every angle. It’s set in raw carbon but riders can also opt for colour highlights in spokes and wheels. It is just a concept for now but given that wood bikes are making their way into the market, you can expect that this kind of bicycle won’t be far off.

#4 Shelby GT500CR Mustang

Eleanor has arrived and it’s up for sale. The iconic car made famous by Nicolas Cage’s Gone In 60 Seconds film is a handcrafted beauty restored by Classic Recreations in Oklahoma. All the goodies are there including Shelby performance parts, rack and pinion steering, sports suspension and big brakes to bring the beats to a halt. under the hood lies a 427 ci Ford Performance with a Procharger F1-R to pump out more than 800 ponies. NOS not included. Time to sell the wife and kids.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#5 Jarvis x No. 4 St. James Stand Up Paddle Board

Surf’s up surfer boy, the Jarvis x No. 4 St. James Stand Up Paddle Board is now the coolest way to get around waves for both beginners and advanced riders. The board has an exterior finished in natural American cherry, cedar, and fir wood whilst inside you’ll find a recycled foam core to keep things light and nimble. Fast, stable and most importantly, good looking. The Northern Summer is your playground.


Price: $2,300/BUY

#6 Ferrari 250TR Model Car by Ralph Lauren Home

This is no toy; this is Ralph Lauren’s private collection Ferrari 250TR scaled down to 1:8 scale. The car is built by Ralph Lauren Home so it will be a powerful accompaniment to any stylish lounge. The model itself recreates one of the most beautiful cars ever built and has a complete V12 engine and interior detail on full display. As one of the most valuable Ferraris to ever be made, it’s also one of the most expensive models you can drop cash on.

Price: $9,500/BUY


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