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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #72

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1 of 6|Migaloo Submersible Yacht
2 of 6|Triton Underwater Artificial Gills
3 of 6|Skyrunner MK 3.2
4 of 6|Ducati Miss Moneypenny Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle
5 of 6|Mike Tyson Las Vegas Mansion
6 of 6|Citizen Eco-Drive OneLink Hat Tip

Your favourite gadget hitlist is back and we’ve got some heavy hitters to keep your bank accounts occupied this week. We know we say that every week, but it’s not every day Mike Tyson puts his Las Vegas mansion from The Hangover up for sale. The same goes for a new artificial gills apparatus which let’s you breathe under water. Sit back and make it rain.

#1 Migaloo Submersible Yacht

If you’re rolling in so much cash that you can’t decide between a personal yacht and a personal submarine then you needn’t worry anymore. Migaloo have put forward the idea of a submersible yacht which combines a luxury yacht with the deep sea exploration capabilities of a U.S Navy submarine. The craft comes in five models from the 72-metre M2 to a shadowing 283-metre M7. Each craft is built to military specifications and relies on a modern acrylic pressure hull for a wider interior space with uninterrupted ocean views. No word yet on what happens to all the loose objects on the deck once it goes under.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#2 Triton Underwater Artificial Gills

Triton have done the impossible with their latest underwater breathing apparatus. Forgo the cumbersome scuba gear and carry the Triton Underwater Artificial Gills in your back pocket. When it comes time to go diving (or lifesaving), insert the Triton device in your mouth and jump straight in. The device works by extracting oxygen from the water via a micro-compressor which stores it in small canisters. Triton claims it will allow a user to breather underwater for up to 45 minutes. Perfect for swimming to work.

Price: $300/BUY

#3 Skyrunner MK 3.2

It’s a plane, it’s a car. It’s…both. The Skyrunner MK 3.2 is a unique mode of transport that will let you explore the world from both the air and land. For off-roading duties the Skyrunner acts as a go-kart with a Rotax engine which can get passengers around with ease. When the road runs out, the Skyrunner becomes a plane which uses ram-air parafoil wing technology and a parachute to get flyers up to an altitude of 3,000 metres at a speed of 88km/h. All it requires is a Sports Pilot license and a passenger.

Price: $119,000/BUY

#4 Ducati Miss Moneypenny Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle

Customised motorcycles can make any man happy. A customised Triumph Bonneville Standard will make a grown man cry. More specifically, this beautiful piece of machinery is the Ducati Miss Moneypenny Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle, a collaboration between Marcos Martines and Ducati Triumph NYC. The owner’s request was even simpler: a bike which could be ride through New York and park in his living room. The bike’s suspension setup is optimised for the streets of New York City so that means a smooth ride to go with the smooth looks.

Price: $TBA/BUY

#5 Mike Tyson Las Vegas Mansion

Iron Mike is selling off the house that was made famous in The Hangover. It’s more of a mansion than a house and it has five massive bedrooms, six bathrooms and lashings of marble, wood, slate and steel. The famous pool is also included as is the feature waterfall, bar and fireplace. No tiger is included unfortunately.

Price: $1,500,000/BUY

#6 Citizen Eco-Drive One

The pinnacle of wrist candy gadget is the brand new Citizen Eco-Drive One, the Japanese watchmaker’s flagship model which also happens to be the world’s thinnest solar-powered watch at just 3mm thick. The watch features a limited edition cermet case, a tungsten carbide bezel and a crocodile leather strap. This particular version is a limited edition so keep your eyes peeled.

Price: $6,000/BUY




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