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Watch Specialized Test The Performance Of Their Aerodynamic Cycling Shoes

Road cyclists shaving their legs is one extreme of this highly competitive sport, but aerodynamic shoes which carve chunks out of sector times? That sounds a bit far fetched and yet, this is exactly what bike manufacturer Specialized are claiming.

Chris Yu who heads the Aero R&D department for Specialized explains in their latest video that the S-Works SUB6 shoe can save riders up to 35-seconds over a 40km distance. The shoe works by using smooth minimalistic lines paired with a covered lace area. Working in unison with Specialized’s renowned (and expensive) aero-tested bikes, cycling kit, shaved legs and SUB6 shoes, a rider should see vast improvements in theory.

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Some are calling the claim an outlandish statement from the company who have not tested the SUB6 against a competitor’s shoe. We’ll let you guys watch the video and decide for yourself.

Hot tip: If you want aerodynamic cycling shoes and don’t want to pay for it, wrap your standard shoes in cling wrap.


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